Summer is winding down and back to school time is here. If you haven’t stocked up on school supplies and a new wardrobe for your kids, now is the time. Tax-Free Weekend is August 10-12 in Texas this year, so take advantage of the savings and stock up for the whole family!

School supplies can be a big headache if you’re stuck searching for that specific type of notebook or the perfect pack of pencils. It might be too late, but one option is to contact your child’s school to see if they have any extras of the pre-packaged supply kits typically sold in May and June. If not, hit up the usual spots such as Target, Wal-Mart and Office Depot. Amazon also carries most items needed (hey, you’ve got a Prime membership, right?!). And if you get really stuck, contact the school to see if substitute items are acceptable or if the school store sells individual items. Mark your calendar for next year so you can order from the school and avoid all the hassle. Often, the kits sold by the school include a PTA or PTO membership to sweeten the deal.

Next up: a new wardrobe. Kids clothing and shoes are tax-free August 10-12, but so are adult clothes and items you may need for work, including office supplies. Baby items like diapers and bibs are tax-free, so stock up while you can. Other surprising items on the “yes” list are pajamas, business suits, swimsuits, cowboy boots, gloves and baseball caps. Specific exclusions would be most sports gear and any item over $100.

Not up for fighting the crowds at your local shopping center? Many online retailers honor Tax-Free Weekend, but keep in mind you will have to pay shipping costs.

Now that you’ve got all your “stuff,” make sure to prepare your children, too. Remind them what to do in an emergency, who their emergency contacts are in case a parent isn’t available, and give them a refresher on proper classroom and school bus behavior.

Finally, back up bedtime by about 10-15 minutes each night for several days prior to the first day of school. This will help ease them into the early morning routine after these lazy summer days.