If your backyard oasis doesn’t contain a swimming pool, have no fear, you can still use it as a fun place to cool off this summer. Check out these entertaining and easy backyard water games for kids of all ages!

Put a twist on the piñata game by filling a fishing net full of water balloons. Tie the net at the top and hang from a clothesline or rope tied between tree branches. Using a pool noodle or whiffle ball bat, have blindfolded participants twirl around and take some swings. Instead of candy, you’ll all get a big splash!

Set up a water balloon relay race. Fill two buckets of water balloons and place at one end of the yard. Set two lawn chairs (that can get wet) at the opposite end. Racers will pick up a balloon, run to the chair and sit on the balloon until it pops, then race back to the bucket where they will tag the next player who repeats the process. Winners are the first ones with an empty bucket.

If you don’t have water balloons, you can use plastic cups for another kind of wet relay race. Have kids hold a cup on top of their head and run across the yard, trying not to spill. At the other end, empty the cups into a bucket. First team to fill their bucket all the way wins. For even more fun, poke a tiny hole in the bottom of the cup so water drains along the way.

Have a noodle boat race. Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise to make a long open channel (duct tape two together to make a longer course). Cut a small section off of one end and use that as your boat. Take a watering can or the hose on low and pour water at one end, allowing the “boat” to float down the length of the noodle.

Little ones will love painting with water on warm concrete, but make this more fun by adding some color. Take regular sidewalk chalk and draw some shapes, then have the kids paint over them with a large paint brush and bucket of water. It’s like using life-sized water colors!