Guest bedrooms often go overlooked when it comes to home decorating. Of course, you focus on the areas where you’ll be most of the time, and whether you have frequent houseguests or not, the guest room is usually an afterthought. But, how do your guests feel when they live in that space for a few days? Move your guest room to the top of the comfort (and trend!) list with these ideas!

The guest room is a great place to experiment with decorating – if you don’t love how it turns out, you don’t have to see it every day like you would your master or kid’s room. You also have time to redecorate if you aren’t satisfied, unless your mother-in-law is on her way! So, take some chances and expand your style comfort zone in the guestroom.

Gradient or “ombre” accent walls are all the rage these days. Using paint (or even easier, wallpaper!) to create a smooth transition effect between three or four colors, you can transform the room and create a conversation piece. Choose colors from the same hue at different saturation levels, or pick from a coordinating palette. A general rule is that the lighter color will go at the top and get darker as you get to the floor.

Create a soothing sleeping space for your guests by making sure the window coverings do their job and block out any bright early morning sunlight. When you have guests, they are usually “on a vacation” of sorts, and you’ll want them to be comfortable sleeping in a little. Check that curtains or shutters close tightly, or consider hanging drapes that can cover the entire window edge-to-edge at night and be tied back during the day.

Nothing says clean and crisp like bright shades of white, making for an excellent choice in the color of the bedding. (Ever notice how most hotels use white bedding?) White furniture also plays nicely in the guestroom.

Set up a bedside table with a houseplant (get a hardy one since you won’t be going in this room very often) and a nice reading lamp to create a feeling of coziness. Throw blankets at the foot of the bed and a ceiling fan are great ways for guests to make themselves comfortable when they don’t have direct control over the temperature.