Skip the canned cranberry sauce and boring mashed potatoes this year and dial up some excitement around your Thanksgiving dinner table with these refreshing recipe and decorating ideas.

Set your dining table with fall colors for a traditional feel, but throw in some unexpected shades like deep purple or a velvety blue to make things pop. Candlesticks, floral centerpieces, and a table runner are great places to throw in color without going to great effort or expense. For some texture, try using a hollowed pumpkin instead of a vase and apples instead of candle holders.

Bundled wheat is all the rage this year for table décor. Tie bundles together with pipe cleaners, thick ribbon, or embroidery floss to add some color. Place bundles in groups in a vase, alone in a mason jar, or prop a few up against a pedestal. Place inside an apothecary jar or hurricane vase to add more height. Just be careful when using candles as the wheat is flammable!

Serve a refreshing, light salad with your Thanksgiving dinner to help offset the traditional heavy foods like stuffing and turkey. Mix it up with ingredients like dried apples and Craisins, radishes or other root veggies, and top off with a vinaigrette dressing (avoid creamy dressings). Try this Radicchio and Citrus salad from for inspiration

Desserts like pumpkin and apple pie are traditional favorites, but why not try a tart after the meal instead? Slightly lighter than pie but with just as much (or more!) flavor, this lighter dessert is a perfect way to top off your dinner while saving a few calories at the same time.

Who says sweet potatoes have to be a side dish? This delicious recipe from mixes them with chocolate for a sweet and sassy dessert you and your guests will love.

Spicing things up this year at Thanksgiving will make it a memorable one for you and your family. Enjoy the holiday!