With summer coming to a close soon and most schools back in session already (or in the next couple weeks), you may think the summer housing market is winding down. However, in The Woodlands and Magnolia areas, there are many homes for sale and buyers are still out shopping. The month of September is on track to be another steady month for the housing market.

When putting your house up for sale in the early fall season, it is important to remember that not everyone buys during the summer months. This means that you don’t have to set a lower-than-desired asking price just because of what the calendar says. The market is very competitive right now, and buyers are in the driver’s seat for the most part, but sellers who know they have a great property shouldn’t compromise – at least not right away.

Some highly desirable features that buyers are looking for, especially millennial buyers, are energy efficiency and existing wiring for entertainment and security systems. If your house has these, be sure to highlight them in your listing and point them out on flyers so prospective buyers will see them as they peruse your house. Homes with brick or brick and stone exteriors are also high on buyer wish lists.

From a buyer’s perspective, don’t rule out a home right off the bat if it doesn’t have certain features that you’re looking for, especially if those features can be added in later. Things such as covered backyard patios or pools can be built on easily enough without interfering with the existing structure. Think about how much that will cost when you make an offer so you’ll have a little money set aside to begin these types of projects after closing.

Another thing to consider is if the home is nestled within a master-planned community. Buyers should consider access to amenities like clubhouses, parks, swimming pools and tennis courts as part of the package. Even if you’re not a tennis player now, you might pick it up later on, or at least it will be a good selling point down the road if/when you decide to sell.

With most homes in The Woodlands selling in less than two months of being placed on the market, buyers shouldn’t procrastinate if they see something they like. Things may cool off along with the temperatures over the next few months, but if you’re ready to buy, there’s no time like the present!