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5 Common Home Seller Mistakes – 

Mistakes are no fun. Even minor ones like forgetting to order pepperoni on tonight’s pizza can be enough to cause mental anguish. I’m almost afraid to mention the thought of mistakes in the sale of a home. Fortunately, we can help. The Kink Team has worked with folks like you for the past sixteen years in The Woodlands and surrounding area to help sellers avoid these haunting mistakes. Without further ado, here are the five mistakes sellers make that could cost them thousands!

1)   It’s priced too high: The problem with asking for too much money from the outset is that it may take multiple price reductions to bring the price down to a range that the market will truly bear for the home. Not only do price reductions hurt like a punch in the gut, but buyers become wary when they see prices drop. Instead of thinking, “now that is a great deal,” buyers are more likely pondering “I wonder what’s wrong with that house…”

2) Lack of Curb Appeal – The exterior is the first impression a buyer experiences when they drive up. If the plants out front are overrun with weeds, patches of dead grass adorn the yard, and the front door has not been painted in over a decade, most buyers will not leave their car.

clutter3) Unpleasant Odors – Even though the seller cannot smell Ms. Princess every time they walk through the door, non-smell-blind buyers will know immediately. Thorough cleaning is the best remedy, but at the very least, leave out an air freshener.

4) Not being objective about your home – Home value is based primarily on comparable sales and features. It is important to be cognizant of placing too much emphasis on emotional attachment to certain features sellers believe command more value for their home because that is what they fell in love with.

5) Too much clutter – It is difficult to envision what little Johnny’s room is going to look like when there are floor-to-ceiling boxes and knick-knacks covering every nook and cranny of the home. Too much clutter is a turn off.

Believe it or not, there’s more where that came from. Don’t be left with lighter pockets after the transaction. Get the full list below.


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