8 Tips to Increase your Home Value Fast!

Homeowners in general are trying to do two things at any time. Protect their investment and equity, and increase the value of their home. The good news is that you can do both simultaneously if you heed the suggestions in this article. Courtesy of HouseLogic (Link Here), they identified a few of the home projects that result in the highest return on investment for your money. Instead of writing a paragraph for each, we hit the main points in pictures.

#8 Stone-Brick Veneer

#7 Kitchen Remodel

#6 Vinyl Siding

#5 Windows

#4 Garage

#3 Attic Space

#2 New Deck (1)

NewFrontDoor (4)


The Fall season is here and cooler weather is on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to improve your home. With this new knowledge, a few select upgrades could help put some money back in your pocket!


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