One week into the new year and already new home decorating trends are hitting the internet, magazine rack and newspaper stand. If you’ve just completed a build or remodel, rest assured your choices will still be “in” for the next several years. However, if the New Year is your queue to tackle a makeover project or update your home, these are the looks you should emulate. Here’s what’s trending for 2019:

  • Wallpaper is everywhere! And not just your grandmother’s wallpaper, but thick, rich, textured wallpaper is where it’s at. Wallpaper that resembles fabric or canvass can add major depth, sound-dampening, and warmth to a room. Go for pale colors and subtle patterns to help offset the heaviness of the paper, but don’t be afraid of geometric shapes as that’s one trend that is still going strong.
  • Lighting is shifting to a more natural, softer style. Edison bulbs and fixtures with exposed bulbs are on the downward trend, while softer lighting is making a comeback. Fabric lampshades and sconces are a hit. So is undermount lighting, like beneath kitchen cabinets.
  • Furniture featuring rattan, cane and wicker are all the rage for indoors as well as out. Pieces with natural materials on the arms and legs go nicely with patterned fabric cushions.
  • Floral patterns are everywhere – this trend started a little while ago but has really come out recently. Fall runways were packed with winter florals on clothing and that has spilled over into home décor. Floral wallpaper, throw blankets, bedding and furniture fabric are everywhere so why not bring them into your home?
  • Gray neutrals are on their way out. The cool feel of gray is being replaced by the warmth of white (similar to the way stark lighting is warming up).
  • Mixing patterns, colors and styles is on-trend for the new year. If you have pieces that are sleek and modern, try bringing in some more traditional furniture or artwork. Think of a patchwork quilt against a modern slim-line sofa. The more the mix, the merrier!