The laundry room or mud room is probably one of the most overlooked yet frequently used spaces in the home. It’s not supposed to be fancy, just functional. But, why is that? Let’s combine style with usefulness and turn this drab room into an appealing work area.

If your current laundry room is bare, think about how you can rearrange the space to add shelving and cabinets. For as much time as you spend washing clothes, bedding and towels, it would be nice to have a place to fold them, and a large tabletop could come in handy, too. If space is limited, get creative with overhead storage like hanging bins and high cabinets.

Having a sink in the laundry room is a bonus that makes tough stain removal that much more convenient. If you don’t already have the plumbing, get a contractor to give you a price quote for piping it in. Laundry room sinks tend to be large basin-types with tall, flexible faucets for multi-purpose cleaning. One great space-saver is to have a sink cover that sits flush with the countertop to extend your flat surface and easily lift away when you need to use the sink.

Another fab feature in the laundry room is a clothes’ hanging bar just like the one in your closet. Putting up a bar in the laundry room makes for easier wrinkle releasing and air drying of damp clothes.

If you can’t go all in on a full room makeover, some small touches can make a big difference. Hang some wire shelving on the wall to hold detergents and other washing products. Use hooks on the back of the door to dry towels or store your drying rack. Decorative baskets can slide under a counter for functional storage with a dash of style.

Perk up this functional space with a little bit of paint, too. Bright white is clean and crisp, just like you want your laundry to be. Offset this with a bold navy blue on an accent wall or paint the cabinets and shelves. Cabinet hardware adds a nice classy touch, too.