Colors can change our moods, bring back memories, and set the overall tone of a space. Mastering colors in your home, from the new neutrals to bold and bright, can update your living areas and bring in a breath of fresh air, so to speak.

Gray has been the “it” color for a few years now, and it doesn’t show signs of fading away any time soon. Don’t be afraid of darker grays, especially in big areas. A bit of texture, like wainscoting or picture frame molding, makes dark grays really pop. Warm, soft grays are still a great color to use in entries, hallways, kitchens and living rooms.

Green is the trending color for late summer. When things outside turn lush and vibrant, we want to incorporate those elements indoors too. Wallpaper your powder room with a palm frond pattern to shake things up. Accent with gold fixtures and warm whites to really tie the look together.

Green is also a “new neutral” color when used as a soft backdrop shade. Paint game room walls in a pale green to contrast the billiard table and use deep broccoli colored throw pillows and blankets. Soft greens work perfectly in a nursery and pair well with pale pinks and blues.

In the bedroom, blue is still the winner when it comes to color. Blue shades are calming and bring feelings of happiness – to help you ease into sleep and wake up in a good mood. From light sky blue to bold cobalt, you almost can’t go wrong. Mixing shades of blue for tone-on-tone decorating will tie things together. Don’t be afraid of patterns, whether geometric or floral, in these shades also. Tiffany blue and silvery blues bring Hollywood glamour to your space and lighten up the room. These colors mix well with the in-style brass and gold metal fixtures.