Organizing your closets and keeping them neat doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and boring home improvement project. In fact, with all these great ideas, you might even have fun getting organized and feel a sense of accomplishment in a shorter time than you might think. Pick any closet in your home – the linen closet, your master closet, or even your pantry – and follow these tips for the easiest and most efficient storage system you can find.

Begin by removing all the items that are currently in your closet. If you haven’t used it in two years, if it is expired, or if you simply don’t need it anymore, get rid of it. Sometimes decluttering just makes you feel better! Now, look at the remaining items and take an inventory. Put these items into piles on the floor where you can clearly see all of them, and make a list. Like items should be grouped together.

Since your closet is now empty, take a moment to clean the shelves and floor. Measure the shelves so you’ll know the height and width available for the next step, which is storage. Remember those piles on the floor? Stack the items and measure them and make a note next to each one on your list. Now you know what size and how many storage containers you need for all of your belongings. Just don’t forget to bring this list with you on the next step!

Next up is a trip to the store for storage bins and racks. Decorative baskets and bins are nice, but since the closet door will likely be closed the majority of the time, you don’t need to spend extra for the pretty ones. Leave off the lids, too, as they are not necessary inside a closet.

Don’t forget about the door as valuable storage real estate. Hooks that hang over the top of the door or ones that use durable sticky tape can transform the door into a holder for taller objects that wouldn’t normally fit, such as mops and brooms or an ironing board. You can also install wire racks on the inside of the door to hold small items like spices, sunscreen, and cosmetic bottles, or medications.

Now that your closet is clean and organized, you’ll be more likely to put things back in their place after each use.