Chandeliers have provided elegant lighting and style in the dining room for hundreds of years. Now they’re breaking out of the typical mold – from fancy to eclectic designs – and also breaking out of the dining room. Chandeliers can now be found in almost any room of a home; let’s take a look at some options that might suit you.

The Kitchen: This versatile hub of the home can usually easily support a large light fixture over the dining table. A more casual chandelier here works best to illuminate informal breakfasts and lunches while bringing an element of personal style. If your home is rustic-chic, look for a chandelier made from wood or natural materials. Exposed bulbs work well here, as bright light is often needed for other kitchen table tasks such as homework and other projects.

Don’t limit yourself to the kitchen table when it comes to hanging a chandelier here! If you have a large center island and high ceilings, a big chandelier with bold color or unique design can really make a statement here. Opt for a chandelier instead of recessed lighting or drop lighting over the breakfast counter, too.

Living rooms and foyers are typically large, open areas that can support the size of a chandelier and make a room or entry way pop. Modern art light fixtures in these areas can set the tone for the rest of the home’s décor. In these areas, bigger really can be better. Globe-style or artisanal glass bubbles add a bit of whimsey and are easy to pair with other lamps in the room.

In the bedroom, hang a romantic style chandelier over the bed. This works best in a master suite with high ceilings and can draw upward attention to ceiling features like molding and trays. Don’t discount the master bath, either. A smaller chandelier hanging over a soaking tub is very classy.

When it comes to size, a general rule is to add the length and width of a room together. Use this number in inches as a guide for the perfect sized chandelier. For example, if your room is 14 feet by 16 feet, you get 30; therefore, your chandelier should be about 30 inches in diameter.

Be creative and get the most out of these light fixtures that can really transform a space!