So much attention is paid to the master bath and even guest bathrooms, but what about your powder room? It is the most likely restroom that visitors to your home will see, so why not renovate it in high style?

The first step to redecorating is to “demo” the old room. This can be one of the more fun aspects of a project of this type. Remove everything that’s not nailed down, then get out the hammer and screwdriver and take down things like the toilet paper holder, vanity mirror, and light fixture. If you’re going to fully demolish the existing hardware and fixtures, get out the sledgehammer and remove the toilet and sink (after shutting off the water, of course!).

If you plan to replace the flooring, remove the old material first. Leaving an unfinished floor while you replace the toilet and sink is a good idea so as not to scratch up the new flooring.

You don’t have to replace the sink and toilet to get a whole new look in your half-bath. Consider painting the vanity cabinets and replacing the countertop and/or faucet. For the toilet, you can just replace the seat, seat cover and tank lid. Doing these things will also save you the time and cost of a plumber.

Next, tackle the walls. If they are currently covered in wallpaper, using dishwashing soap mixed with warm water in a squirt bottle is a great method to get the old paper to come down. Spray liberally and let it soak in for several minutes. Have a flat-edge scraper (one small and one large) on hand to lift up the paper at the seams and gently peel it down and at an angle, using the scraper to help separate the paper from the wall as you go. Be sure to sand the walls before recovering or painting.

If your powder room is very tiny, installing a pedestal sink and recessed lighting will help the room appear larger. Limit storage to a small shelf or cabinet above the toilet and leave items off the floor by mounting the toilet paper holder instead of having a standing one.

Another cost-saving and highly-effective decorating tip is to put a nice frame around your existing vanity mirror. Frames can help hide any minor wear or defects on your old mirror and will give your sink area a nice facelift.