Spring has traditionally been the “hottest” time to buy and sell a house. What makes this season so special for real estate? Read on to discover the top reasons why spring is the best time to put your house on the market.

  1. The nicer weather invites people out and about. No more hiding under warm blankets on the couch for home shoppers, they’re ready to jump in the car and cruise the neighborhoods in search of “For Sale” signs.
  2. Homes show better with a green front yard and flowerbeds full of blooms. Hire a lawn care service or DIY fertilize your yard to help your grass green up faster this spring and plant lots and lots of flowers – spring favorites like tulips and lilies look great. Yellow flowers are very eye-catching and coordinate nicely with almost any other color you decide to bring into your garden.
  3. Young families want to move over the summer vacation to cause less disruption to their children’s school year activities, so they begin the buying process in spring.
  4. Lots of companies give their employees annual bonuses in the spring for the previous calendar year. This extra boost of cash might be just what someone needed to hit their savings goal for a new home down payment.
  5. Tax refunds are also sitting in shoppers’ bank accounts (or will be very soon). Another cash boost to help house hunters feel more flush and likely to stretch their budget just a bit to afford the house of their dreams.
  6. You might be able to price your house a little higher in the spring and summer. It might sound counterintuitive due to the large amount of inventory in the spring, but you may be able to get a better price for your house now than any other time of year. The competition is out there with lots of other listings, but there is also competition amongst the ample number of buyers.
  7. Daylight savings time means it stays lighter later in the evening, giving shoppers more time to house hunt. Turn your lights on after 6 pm anyway, as a well-lit house is more inviting. Plus, any landscape lighting will add value and curb appeal to your home as well.

And there you have it – seven compelling reasons to put your house up for sale with one of our agents today!