Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – do you have plans? If not, here are some places that you can take your sweetheart that don’t require a month-in-advance reservation.

• A picnic in the park can be one of the most romantic dates if you plan it right. In addition to the food you’ll serve, don’t forget utensils, plates and napkins. That bottle of wine won’t open itself, so bring the corkscrew! A large, thick blanket to spread out on is a must, and if you think the ground might be damp, put a plastic tarp underneath. Bring a lantern so you’re not eating in total darkness, and something to keep the pests at bay. A portable speaker and soft music playlist can really set the mood.

• Doing an activity together can “up” the romance, especially if that activity gets your heart rate pumping. Try some of the following for a unique date experience you’ll want to go back and do again and again!
o Rock wall climbing
o Ballroom dancing
o Go Kart racing
o Roller or ice skating
o Golf driving range or mini golf course
o iFly skydiving
o Zumba or UJam Fitness class
o Laser Tag

• If a cozy night in is more your style, raise the bar by splurging on dinner (either cook up a new recipe or carryout from a favorite restaurant) and treating your sweetie to a yummy dessert. Use your fine china and eat in the dining room with candles to make it more special. Run a bubble bath and drop some Epsom salts in with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Pop “Titanic” in the DVD player and snuggle by the fireplace while you give your sweetheart a foot massage. Even the basics can be made more romantic when you put a little effort into it!