The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet – a bold, definitive purple that can brighten any room. The Pantone Color Institute has been around since the 1960s and is the worldwide leader in color – from matching colors perfectly for printing and use in industry to graphic arts and design. Pantone are the trendsetters, experts and are widely regarded as the authority on color.

With this background, you can feel confident that using the Pantone Color of the Year in your home will not only make it trend-setting and appealing to potential buyers, but it can change how you feel about your space. Brightening up the walls of a room, adding a splash of color to your furnishings, or incorporating seasonal decorations in Ultra Violet can help boost your home’s appearance.

So, how do you use Ultra Violet? This true rainbow purple is uplifting and cheery but can also be used for meditative spaces. Described as “enigmatic, contemplative, mystical and unconventional,” Ultra Violet can dramatically change the look of a room. If you like to go big, try painting the entire room this color, then furnishing with off-white, cream and other neutrals to really make the walls pop. Painting an accent wall or wainscoting can also make a big splash if floor-to-ceiling color is too much for you.

If you like to take baby steps when bringing in a new color, Ultra Violet is almost the color of the lavender plant, so putting a few sprigs of lavender in your dining room table’s vase is a safe play. Of course the standard throw pillows and blankets can brighten up your living room, but have you considered getting an Ultra Violet couch or chair? That would make a bold statement for the room that you can use as a focal point, decorating around it with soft shades of pink and green. If that’s too “girly” for your taste, think Prince and Jimi Hendrix – both lovers of the color purple – and go for a rock and roll theme with deep grays and blues mixed with darker-shaded wood furniture and accent with Ultra Violet.

Ultra Violet goes great with all of the gray tones that have been popular in homes for the past few years. It is a perfect color for a little girl’s bedroom. It can brighten up your kitchen or dining room when used on a table cloth or napkins. It has royal undertones and can bring sophistication to any room. With such a versatile color, you can experiment to your heart’s content and be on the trendsetting edge!