Being healthy in 2018 can be accomplished in many ways, but eating well is probably the number one thing to do to look and feel your best. Finding time to grocery shop and avoiding the temptations of the snack aisle can be a challenge, and so can searching for new, healthy recipes. But, don’t let this stop you from achieving your goals. There’s a secret, easy way around these common problems… get a meal kit delivery service! OK, so it’s not really a secret, but it sure is easy!

The premise of a meal kit delivery service is that they take the grocery store and recipe planning out of the equation for you. Most kits come complete with all the ingredients you’ll need, seasonings included, so you just to combine and cook up the foods that come in the box. They do, however, assume that you have the cooking utensils and some basics, like olive oil, butter and salt and pepper on hand.

Once you are ready to get your first meal, simply go on the website, peruse the menu and make your choices. Meals are delivered to your doorstep either once, twice, or several times per week, depending on the service you choose and the number of meals you want.

Blue Apron is one of the larger services and is quite popular. For people who like to do their own food prep (chopping carrots, peeling garlic, mixing up sauces) then this is the one for you! Their wide variety and heavy use of seasonings combine for unique flavors. Portion size is slightly smaller so don’t expect any leftovers.

Hello Fresh is another large and popular service, and this one requires less in-home prep. Meal selections are a bit more limited with larger sized families, but there are plenty of dinner for two choices.

If you love to eat organic, try out Terra’s Kitchen (they even pick up and re-use their shipping containers!) and Sun Basket (they give back to local food banks!). Green Chef provides gluten-free and vegan options and Purple Carrot is 100% plant-based.

So, which is right for you and your family? You’ll have to try one out and see for yourself. Most services can be cancelled at any time, so what have you got to lose? Here’s to happy cooking and healthy eating in the new year!