December is here and everyone is breaking out the holiday decorations. If you’re the type who carefully packs everything away on January 1, hopefully all of last year’s décor is in great condition. If you’re like the rest of us, it’s boxes of messy light strands and half-broken ornaments. Whether you’re going to use the same Christmas tree ornaments you’ve always had or get all new ones, read on for some 2017 holiday decorating trends!

• Pick a theme

o If you’re the type who changes decorations every few years to stay on-trend, then you’ll be happy to hear that in 2017 the “neutral” theme is still in. Having an all-white Christmas tree and using neutrals, like soft creams, beige, and gold to decorate your house can lend to a very pleasing and calming holiday feel.

o Your holiday décor may be a loving hodge podge of decorations collected over decades, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a theme. Group all of your items according to some common trait – whether that’s all your Santas in one room, trees and snowy outdoor scenes in another, and candy canes in yet a third, keeping like decorations together will give your home’s decorations a more cohesive feel.

o Minimalists will love the idea of having a skinny, unadorned tree in the corner of the room. This simple yet charming take on the Christmas tree is perfect for couples without kids or those looking to downsize their décor.

• Outdoor

o Outdoor decorations can have a theme, too. Skip the blow-up Santa in favor of lots and lots of lights – wrapped around the trees, over shrubs and lining the driveway.

o Fill lanterns about two-thirds full with ornaments like red and gold balls in different sizes and textures. Top off with a sprig of holly or pine branch and tie with a ribbon. Placing one large lantern or two or three in different sizes on your porch will make your doorway welcoming for holiday guests.