It’s party time and you’re invited! How many holiday parties are on your December calendar? Probably quite a few. Whether it’s an office party, family party, or informal gathering of neighbors and friends, chances are you’ll be hosting or co-hosting at least one. Use these tips to help make cleaning up afterwards a breeze.

• Use disposable utensils. The high-quality kind that you can find these days look and feel almost like the real thing and are very durable. You can decide to wash and reuse or just recycle them after the party. Same goes for plates and cups.

• Don’t break out the fine crystal and china for large parties – save these for more intimate gatherings. Your everyday stemware can be placed directly in the dishwasher.

• Save the contents of those half-empty wine bottles by freezing the wine in a plastic bag. You can use it later for cooking recipes.

• Leftover bread can be cubed and used in casserole or French toast recipes. Just place in the refrigerator if you’ll use it within a day or two, or freeze for later use.

• To remove water rings from glasses left on your wood table, use a dab of regular mayonnaise and let it sit for an hour or two before buffing away.

• Let pots and pans soak with dishwashing soap inside overnight – this will save lots of scrubbing time in the morning. Better yet, line them with tin foil before using to help virtually eliminate any necessary washing.

• Triple-line trash cans so that waste can easily be removed and you don’t have to spend time replacing the bag.

• When it’s time to clean yourself up, remember to drink a large glass of water to help hydrate before bed. It is also wise to eat a little something so you’re not going to sleep on an empty stomach. If you’ve overindulged, either on food, drink, or both, taking an Alka-Seltzer before bed can help ward off stomach troubles. If you wake up not feeling well, eggs and toast are the breakfast of champions to help ward off a hangover.