The fall season in north Houston is a great time to put your house on the market for sale. The weather is gorgeous, the sun is usually shining and with our mild winter temperatures, flowerbeds and lawns still look great – all of which give your house extra curb appeal. Follow these Do’s and Don’ts when putting your house up for sale this autumn to attract the right buyers.


Do plant seasonal flowers and plants in your garden beds. Mix in fresh topsoil to ensure they bloom for the next few months and add a layer of brown or black mulch.

Don’t overhaul all of your landscaping. New shrubs and trees need extra TLC and tend to look diminutive. You want your home looking warm and welcoming with established foliage. Of course, if any plants are dead or struggling, you may want to replace just those, and surround them with lots of flowers to help fill in any gaps.


Do decorate for the fall season. Some nice pumpkins and gourds on the doorstep and a few festive centerpieces inside will feel “homey.”

Don’t overdo the Halloween decorations. You certainly don’t want to scare anyone away, and you also want people to be able to see the house’s features and not be overwhelmed by the holiday. Buyers need to envision themselves in the house during all seasons, so keeping holiday décor to a minimum will allow them to get a mental picture of their family in the house during winter, spring and summer, too.


Do turn the lights on every evening –lots of them. You never know who will be driving by on their way home after work, scoping out the neighborhood. With the shorter days in fall and winter, lighting is key. Install landscape lighting, too, as this will help your house stand out and give people a better view. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a few solar powered spotlights or walkway lights will help. Turning on interior lights will illuminate the windows, making your house look brighter from the outside as well. Adding extra floor and table lamps will brighten up dark rooms with limited overhead fixtures.

Don’t leave the lights on all night long. This could give criminals the impression that the house is empty. Use timers, if needed, and shut things down when you go to bed.