With all of the rapid changes in household technology it can sometimes be hard to keep up! Here’s a short list of some cool devices that can make your life easier and more comfortable at home.

• Thermostats – You may have heard of a programmable thermostat, but have you checked out the “smart” ones? The Nest makes a learning thermostat that programs itself based on your activity. The Ecobee has a remote sensor for all the rooms in your house to maintain consistent temperatures. It even has Amazon’s Alexa built in, so you can order online products, check the daily news, and much more without having an Echo speaker or Echo Dot in your home.

• Beds – With all the running around we do daily, getting a good night’s sleep is a priority. Enter the SleepNumber it Bed – it’s not only an adjustable sleep surface, it “reads” your sleep patterns through sensors that detect your breathing, heart rate and movement patterns, then gives you recommendations about mattress firmness, suggested bedtime and more through an app.

• Doorbells – Forget about stand-alone security cameras, the newest creation is a doorbell and camera in one! Several options are on the market, but some of the best, like Ring Video Doorbell and Zmodo Greet are quite affordable and store recordings on their own or in a Cloud. Most come with motion sensors that will start recording even if no one rings the bell, and several have two-way audio. If you’re not home, you can check who’s at your doorstep on your cellphone. Great as a theft deterrent as well, these devices are usually relatively easy to set up.

• Door locks – Never lose your keys again! With smart door locks like August Smart Lock and Yale Keyless Connected, you can open your front door by punching in a code or using an app on your phone. Give out temporary “keys” to friends when you’re on vacation and then disable them when you return. Some devices even use iPhone’s Siri to open with voice commands.

• Water leaks – No one wants to return home to a flood due to a burst pipe, leaky toilet, or busted hot water heater. Water damage can be very expensive to repair, so why not invest in a smart leak detector? Honeywell makes one that connects to your home’s wi-fi network and will alert you to not just leaks, but also freezing temperatures and high humidity. If you’re willing to drop a little more cash to protect your house, consider LeakSmart’s water detector that not only warns you of a leak, but it also communicates with a smart water shut-off valve to stop the leak in its tracks.