Moving in to a new home, upsizing or even downsizing can prompt a trip to the furniture store. If you want to update your space with a more modern feel, think about the following trends in interior furnishings.

• Low profile and smaller sized pieces are the new norm. Gone are the days of overstuffed couches and lounge chairs – and here are the more sleek, clean lines that are just as comfortable but more stylish. Large rooms will still seem filled when you “float” the furniture instead of placing it up against the walls.

• Gray is still the hot neutral and this applies to fabrics as well. Soft tones in your sofa make the perfect backdrop to toss some accent pillows and throw blankets in this year’s trending jewel tones – deep purples, blues, emerald and ruby colors.

• Functional furniture is not something new, but consumers are demanding more purpose from their desks, end tables, and night stands. A roll-top bureau now must accommodate a laptop and have openings in the back for power cables. Night stands with open shelves (instead of closed off drawers) are becoming more popular for placement of portable speakers and ease of access to phone chargers. Look for technology driven function in more than just your entertainment center.

• Love the feel of leather furniture? Well you’re in luck because leather is here to stay. Trends in this area include using a wide spectrum of colors, not just traditional brown and black. Look for reds, bright and off-white, gray (of course!), blue, and tan. Soft and silky, but not quite shiny, are the finishes to go with, avoiding suede and distressed looks.

• In the bedroom, consider making a custom headboard to totally personalize your space. A large piece of fabric with a simple frame around it can add texture, color, and vibrancy to the room. Make pillow shams out of coordinating fabric and colors to tie it all together.

• Another trend in the bedroom is finding the “perfect” bed. From Tempur-Pedic to Sleep Number and foam tops to cooling mattresses, you can find just about anything to help you get the best night’s sleep possible. Look for a store that will work with you, letting you sample the products in the showroom for long periods of time to really get a good feel for the mattress. Some even offer free return policies depending on the product you get.