Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, May 14! Always the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day has been recognized as an official holiday in the United States since President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation in 1914. Some say that mothers are the most under-appreciated people, doing the thankless jobs surrounding childcare and home life day in and day out. Yet, most mothers, if asked, will tell you it is the best, most important thing in the world and they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Mother’s Day was started by activist Anna Jarvis in 1905, as a way to honor her own mother who worked tirelessly to care for wounded soldiers during the Civil War. It took a few years, but eventually her home state of West Virginia began the official celebration in 1910, followed soon thereafter by many other states and eventually the entire nation. The holiday quickly caught on with corporate America, and Hallmark Cards began producing Mother’s Day cards and gifts in the early 1920s.

Traditional Mother’s Day gifts include flowers – the carnation is the symbolic flower for this holiday – and candies or cakes. If your mom has a sweet tooth, she’ll love something special from Nothing Bundt Cakes or Neilson’s Bakery in The Woodlands. If you have time to order in advance, get a customized cake from Kiss the Cook Cakes. Your mom won’t be disappointed with any of these!

Of course, homemade surprises are meaningful because of the thought and effort put into them. You don’t have to bake a cake to make mom feel appreciated, either. Just pour her a cup of coffee, deliver breakfast in bed, or make her a sandwich for lunch. Surprising her with a dinner she didn’t have to cook will likely be a hit as well.

Because moms don’t take as much time as they should for themselves, pampering mom with a spa gift card or at-home bath kit can help her relax in style. A new cozy robe and some soft slippers will compliment the spa theme nicely.

Unique jewelry pieces especially crafted for moms come in customizable settings to match her family. Think a charm bracelet or necklace with the initials of her children engraved, or coordinating birthstone jewelry that can be worn proudly.

No matter what you choose to do for your mom this year, remember to thank her for everything she does. After all, if it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t be here!