Valentine’s Day is a fun time to craft décor for your home and make cute items for school projects. Here are a few simple (read “anyone can do it” even those of us who are the opposite of crafty!) ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

• Felt heart trees – Grab some Styrofoam cones, a piece of felt and a few dressmaker pins for this simple tree decoration that will look great on your mantle or table. Cut out small heart shapes from the felt and pin them upside down onto the cone, starting at the widest part and slightly overlapping for a layered look. Place the cone on a pedestal for added height, and top with a wrapped heart chocolate pinned standing up.

• Fill a glass apothecary jar half way with conversation hearts candy, then fill the remainder with confetti or shredded paper. You can layer different colors of shredded paper, too. By putting the candy on the bottom, you’ll help prevent little (and big!) hands from sneaking the treats and diminishing your décor!

• Need a Valentine treat for classmates? Fill a small plastic baggie with Scrabble Cheez-Its and print up a card to staple on top that says something along the lines of “No matter how you spell it, I’m so glad we’re friends!” and have your child sign the back.

• Every table looks better lit up with a candle, so try this glitter candle craft to brighten your dining area. Using an off-white pillar candle or one inside a glass jar, wrap a piece of double-sided tape all the way around, slightly overlapping. Pour some glitter onto the tape and gently press into place. Wipe the candle to remove excess glitter using a baby wipe and repeat the process, placing the next piece of tape right up against the one above. Looks best with alternating stripes or a light to dark pattern.

• Make a door hanger out of heart shaped hand prints. Using rectangle shaped foam board or even a thin piece of wood, paint each family member’s hands and press them onto the surface one at a time with palms overlapping. Start at the bottom with the largest hands and end at the top with the smallest. You can stencil on a cute saying like “Love Grows Here” or “Our Love Grows and Grows” and glue a piece of fabric to the back (or punch holes and tie ribbon or wire) to make a hanger.

Don’t get stuck on reds and pinks when creating your crafts. Mix in some soft blues and greens, or opt for sparkly golds and silvers to brighten things up. Happy Valentine’s Day!