Top 10 Homes Sold in June in The Woodlands

The June edition of the Most Expensive Homes Sold in The Woodlands is finally here. This month we focus on the most expensive homes sold in The Woodlands which include homes sold in Indian Springs, East Shore, Carlton Woods and Sterling Ridge.

We are happy to announce that this month, three of the top ten homes sold in The Woodlands were sold by The Kink Team.

Since Texas is a non-disclosure state, we cannot tell you how much these homes actually sold for, but we can however tell you what they were listed at. We can also mention that the homes on this list sold anywhere between 86% and 100% of list price indicated for each home.

Take a look at the slideshow below for an inside peek at each home.

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Here’s a quick list of the Top Homes:

1) 70 Tranquil Path, Grogan’s Mill – $5,999,900
2) 74 East Shore, East Shore – $4,500,000
3) 35 N Fazio Way, Carlton Woods Creekside – $3,350,000
4) 7 East Shore, East Shore – $2,950,000
5) 54 N Gary Glen Circle, Sterling Ridge – $2,575,000
6) 46 W Bracebridge Circle, Indian Springs – $2,500,000
7) 2 Winslow Way, Carlton Woods – $2,450,000
8) 14 Damask Rose Way, Carlton Woods – $1,999,999
9) 6 Players Trail, Sterling Ridge – $1,995,000
10) 66 S. Player Crest Circle, Sterling Ridge – $1,750,000

Homes in bold type were SOLD by The Kink Team!

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