Here at The Kink Team, we love when homes are staged. We think they look and feel much more inviting. Furthermore, stagers understand what buyers are looking for and cater to those preferences. Staging a home is more than moving around furniture and uncluttering a room or space. Although it certainly helps to do both of these things, staging is about playing to the strengths of the home while downplaying the weaknesses. This article over at HGTV (Full Article) has some helpful hints on staging ideas, but below are our favorites from the list.

  • Uncluttering a space is key. Removing furniture is an overwhelming contributor to making a large space feel much smaller. By removing furniture items, the room will finally be able to breathe.
  • Challenge traditional furniture placement concepts. One misconception about furniture placement is that it must be shoved to the wall to maximize space. Coordinating furniture in the middle of the room along with an area rug and a coffee table creates a conversational atmosphere. Certainly keep traffic patterns in mind, but don’t feel compelled to shove that comfy chair to the corner.

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  • How’s the Home lighting – If natural lighting is a problem, it’s important to address the issue. Luckily, with proper lighting solutions it’s an easy fix! A good rule of thumb for home lighting is 100 watts of lighting for every 50 square feet of space. It’s a good idea to vary up the light sources as well. Ambient lighting (overhead), task lighting (pendant or reading light), and accent lighting (table/wall) will help give the room a bigger range and dimension.


  • Paint small adjacent rooms the same color as surrounding rooms – By doing this, you’ll open up your space to give it a more open and naturally flowing feel. Painting the kitchen the same bright and airy neutral color as the breakfast nook will give it a lighter feeling, and makes it an ideal place to start your day.
  • Your walls should be painted in neutral tones. It’s OK to extend your palette beyond off-white. Soft beiges and tans are also acceptable. Just stay away from bold colors.


  • Tips for the Bedroom (no not those kind): Unclutter closets. Buyers love to see storage spaces, but they cannot comprehend the space with all your stuff already in there. Removing some of the clutter will help give buyers a chance to mentally place their belongings in the home.
  • Tips for the kitchen – If new cabinetry is out of the budget, think about replacing the doors and drawer fronts. Once done, paint the cabinets to match and enjoy your simple kitchen makeover. Also, check with your dishwasher manufacturer to see about getting a replacement front panel if yours is all nicked up.

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  • Unfinished projects – this one is critical, and although it falls slightly out of bounds on staging tips, it is important to mention. The price buyers will deduct from their offer will often be much larger than it would cost for you to finish the wood flooring you’re in the middle of putting in, or even to fix the cracks in the patio out back. Make the necessary repairs first to save a bundle of money.

There are our top picks; do they spark any other creative ideas about improving your space and playing to your home’s strengths? Do you think that staging is worth the cost?


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